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In-person Spanish classes

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Spanish Classes in Person Face to Face

Due to Covid-19 logistical disruptions, most of our in-person classes are still not available. Please consider learning with us live online.

Regional areas served

Given that all of our native Spanish tutors live in the US, when possible and safe to do so we can conduct our Spanish classes in person face-to-face in these states, in alphabetical order (click to see list of cities for the corresponding state):

Where do we meet?

It is not about meeting at a beautiful building in an inconvenient or far distant location but about finding the most convenient platform or place to meet for both you and your tutor.

Our Semi-private small group Spanish classes can take place...

Meeting remotely over Skype, Facetime, Hangouts Meet, Zoom or similar online platform, is ideal for those living in a geographical area not within our influence.

Classes at Coffee Shops

Coffee shops and cafes offer you a relaxed environment much different that what you may encounter in a classroom setting. Studying in an more real environment such as inside a coffee shop or cafe best replicates where you will be using Spanish in real life. Enjoy a coffee or tea and have a snack while communicating in Spanish and discussing current events, the business climate, art, you name it.

Almost all of the cafes that we would suggest are easily accessible through the Metro/Subway transportation system (if available).

Classes at your tutor's homes

Spanish tutors' homes offer you a cozy environment that allows you to live the real Spanish immersion experience in your own town.

Almost all of our native Spanish tutor homes are easily accessible through the Metro/Subway transportation system (if available).

Our private Spanish classes can take place in all of the type of locations or online platforms available for semi-private classes as listed above plus the following ...

Classes at your office

Meeting with your Spanish tutor at your office allows you to minimize your commuting time and to stay close to your business at all times making sure you don't miss that important call or visit.

This type of meeting venue is ideal for executives for which time management and privacy are the outmost concerns.

Classes at your office

Meeting with your private Spanish tutor at your own home offers you the maximum level of convenience for you.

It also allows you to stay close to those you love while learning Spanish.


Frequently Asked Questions

To see what neighborhoods we serve, just click on any of the cities above.

If your home/office is located outside our area of influence, you could choose instead to have your Spanish classes at a pre-selected cafe, library or tutor's home at the closest neighborhood currently being served. Note that classes conducted at our Spanish tutors' homes, a pre-selected cafe or library are at any rate about 35% cheaper than having your classes at your home or office.

If you cannot locate any close-by neighborhood, consider having your Spanish classes live online instead. You can learn more about our Spanish classes live online by clicking here.

You could have private Spanish classes at your own home/office provided that you are located within one of the neighborhoods served.

Yes. You can meet at your Spanish tutor's home provided that she indeed has made her house available for classes. If that is not the case, other options would include to have your Spanish classes at a cafe, any other public meeting location, or your home/office provided that your home/office is located within our area of influence.

  • Our Spanish language school Headquarters is located in Washington DC from where we centrally manage all operations in all other states. Although we also have presence in several other states, please note that we do not conduct Spanish classes in any of our offices as they only house our administrative staff.
  • All of our Spanish tutors work in the areas where they live, conducting classes either live online or at their home, their students' homes/offices or pre-selected cafes, libraries and other public meeting locations.
  • If interested in having Spanish classes, please submit an application online. You can submit a non-commitment online application for classes here. Answer to your application will be provided within 2 business days.

Cafes are the most popular type of meeting location where to have Spanish classes because of the following reasons:

  1. Our classes at cafes are about 35% cheaper than those meeting at your home or office.

  2. Cafes offer students and tutors a neutral, safe, relaxed and fun place to meet.

  3. All cafes where we meet have been pre-inspected: They all are open late, have low traffic levels, easy parking and acceptable noise levels.

  4. Practicing speaking in a public place forces greater concentration since it is not a controlled environment and it is a more realistic setting and helps you get over the fear of engaging with the language in public.

Note that there is very little to lose in giving the cafes a try as you will always be entitled to requesting and receiving a full refund if not satisfied with your first class. You will just need to let us know of this request prior to your second session as attending the second session will indicate that you already are satisfied with the meeting location as well as with our teaching methodology and tutor.

We normally do not need to reserve a table. Your Spanish instructor will arrive a few minutes before class to look for a table for you. The cafes that we have pre selected almost always have several tables available at the times that you will be meeting.

Slight noise on the background allows students to get used to a controlled level of distractions while they are speaking. We do not believe in learning in a vacuum such as in a traditional classroom setting. We believe that learning a foreign language should be a social experience well represented in a cafe setting. However, if for any reason, you still think that you should only learn in a much quieter place, please consider having Spanish classses live online or one-on-one Spanish tutoring at your tutor's home (if available) or at your home or office. Sessions at your home or office, though, are significantly higher in price (about 35% more).

In the case of private classes, exact address of the cafe that we would recommend for your classes will be released on our answer to your application for private classes. You can submit a non-commitment application for classes here. Answer to your application will be provided within 2 business days.

In the case of group classes assembled by SpanishBlackbelt, a very precise reference to where the cafe is located is listed on our site. Exact address will be released after your tuition is received.

For the safeguard of our students and Spanish tutors we only release exact meeting locations only to those individuals which we believe have a genuine interest to learn at our school. Reception of tuition is normally one easy way to verify that genuine interest.

We have already selected the specific meeting location where each of our small group classes will be held. However, you will certainly be able to suggest an alternative meeting location if all of the students and tutor agree after having had at least one class at the original meeting location.

In the case of private classes, we will also suggest a meeting location that closely matches your preferences as detailed on your application. You will however, be able to suggest an alternative if our proposed meeting location is not convenient for you for any reason.

If you have to relocate, you will be allowed to continue with your classes at any other state provided that it is indeed one of the states that we serve. That is indeed one of the many benefits of studying with us as we have coverage in many of the major Metropolitan areas in the US.

If you are taking private classes and you move to an area outside our area of influence, you will be entitled to (1) receiving a partial refund corresponding to the number of hours that you have not yet consumed, or (2) continuing with the rest of your Spanish classes live online.

If you are attending one of our small groups and you move to an area outside our area of influence, your Spanish classes not yet used will unfortunately be lost.

Yes. Please learn more about this format here.

More Frequently Asked Questions


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