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Our Color Belt System

Our Spanish program over Zoom is composed of 10 conversational belt levels ranging from the Pearl Belt (complete beginner) to the Black Belt (ultimate Spanish master). The ranks are useful for monitoring progress and matching you with Spanish students of comparable ability.

Belt levels

As our focus is to help you improve your conversational Spanish skills, it makes a lot of sense that the most important criteria we take into consideration when suggesting starting levels, is what we perceive is your current ability to use the language verbally.

We have a pretty good idea of what that ability is based on our interpretation to your responses to a few questions included on our application form. Then, as you get started attending your classes, a brief Spanish evaluation, completed within the first three sessions, ensures that you are assigned the correct belt level.

After the first three Spanish classes you are ratified on your belt level or recommended a change to a different level. When you surpass the minimum standards assigned to the next belt level on all variables considered, congratulations! You are granted a new color belt.

Our conversational color belt levels are as follows...

For Spanish students that are just starting or studied in the past but have forgotten most of it.

Pearl Belt

Beginner 1

Survival Spanish

Complete beginner, or new to the language in practical terms

If you had some knowledge of a romance language, such as italian or french, but it is now practically gone, or you would prefer to have an introduction to the Spanish language as smooth and as light as possible, we would recommend considering starting at this level.

Although no prior knowledge of the language is required to join us at this level, it may be of great help to watch first our playlist of free videos on YouTube labeled The Basics of the Spanish Language
. Click on the link to access.