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What Our Students Say They Love About Our Native Spanish Tutors

Key Benefits

''Adrian was professional, friendly, encouraging, supportive and fun. I cannot say enough to convey how much I enjoyed working with him.'' Feb 03 2023

''Adrian was very knowledgeable about how to help a person brand new to Spanish. He was interesting and polite and provided great supplementary content. He made sure the sessions were interesting and that I understood the lessons. He always asked if I had any questions. I enjoyed learning from Adrian. Thank you! '' Feb 01 2023

''Excellent at keeping the class flowing, listening to students, pausing for questions: excellent "classroom" management. She gave plenty of time for the students to speak, and never dominated the time. She was kind to all students. She balanced grammar with activities. Overall, great class, great teacher.'' Jan 31 2023

''She was always interested in our conversation which spanned many topics. She was ready to think of a next topic smoothly and consistently. She simply was a nice person as well.'' Jan 30 2023

''She really tailored the classes to my goal of continued speaking on my part'' Dec 22 2022

''Kind, patient, willing to answer any questions I had. Great sense of humor.'' Dec 14 2022

''Spoke in Spanish!'' Dec 13 2022

''She took the time to explain the concepts and ensured we practiced.'' Dec 13 2022

''Included everyday and asked us to practice in everyday life, was very perceptive and spent time on our questions. Speaking in good pace, not so fast.'' Dec 13 2022

''This tutor was kind and attentive to the wide variety of needs of the students. I have never taken a Spanish class before so I can not compare. There was not choice for Not Applicable so I picked About the Same'' Dec 08 2022

''Patricia Jaramillo was exceptionally receptive to my needs as a student. She would adapt to both the existing curriculum and the personalities of her students to make conversation engaging. The classes never felt slow or repetitive, but her high expectations helped me achieve a lot of progress. '' Dec 07 2022

''We really enjoyed working with Juana Rosa! It always felt like a nice conversation, she explained well, and was very friendly. I would work with her again!'' Nov 28 2022

''This tutor engaged me conversation for the full class time and always led me down the path of putting into use the grammar lesson of the week. Her explanations were clear and concise and her corrections were always supportive and encouraging. '' Nov 08 2022

''I loved how Glenys only spoke in Spanish for the most part. It made our time more immersive and encouraged us to do the same.'' Nov 04 2022

''She was attentive to my needs and progress. She varied the lessons with discussion, video, and exercises.'' Oct 13 2022

''Patricia created an environment where everyone felt comfortable speaking, regardless of their skill level as compared with the rest of the class.'' Oct 06 2022

''Patricia gave clear explanations of the topics and went above and beyond to answer questions. '' Oct 05 2022

''Patricia was a superb tutor. She was well organized, responsive, fun, energetic, and encouraging. She tailored our sessions to my professional and personal priorities. She is a true delight to work with. I look forward to our next set of sessions!'' Sep 08 2022

''Armando was patient and made me feel comfortable '' Aug 11 2022

''She paid attention to my personal needs, deficits, and growth '' Aug 11 2022

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